EcoBalance Award for Best Business Practices

Winner Teijin Aramid B.V., Netherlands; Teijin Limited, Japan
Authors Heidi Beers1, Shuichi Osaki2, Marjan Kamer1, Yukako Kurose2, Nobuyuki Takakura2
Organization(s) 1: Teijin Aramid, Netherlands, The; 2: Teijin Limited, Japan
Winner Azbil Corporation, Japan
Presentation title Application of Organizational Life Cycle Assessment to define materiality in environmental initiatives of azbil Group
Authors Ayako Nagayama, Shigeo Kimura, Hiromu Hatano
Organization(s) Azbil Corporation, Japan

The EcoBalance Poster Award

The Best Poster Award
Winners Heng Yi Teah, Motoharu Onuki
Presentation title Comparing the Life Cycle Sustainability of Recycled-P Fertilizer to Mineral-P Fertilizer in Japan
Organization(s) The University of Tokyo, Japan
The Outstanding Poster Award
Winners Osamu Takeda1, Takahiro Miki1, Kenichi Nakajima2
Presentation title Elemental distribution thermodynamically evaluated in an electric furnace for ferronickel production
Organization(s) 1: Tohoku University, Japan; 2: National Institute for Environmental Studies

People's Choice Poster Award

Winners Kenichi Nakajima1, Ichiro Daigo2, Keisuke Nansai1, Kazuyo Matsubae3, Wataru Takayanagi1, Makoto Tomita4, Yasunari Matsuno5
Presentation title Global distribution of material consumption: Nickel, Copper, and Iron
Organization(s) 1: National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan; 2: The University of Tokyo; 3: Tohoku University; 4: Tokai University; 5: Chiba Universiry

Young Researchers Meeting Flash Presentation Award

1st Prize Winner Eri Amasawa (The University of Tokyo)
Presentation title Environmental Consequences of Current and Future Book Reading
2nd Prize Winner Timothy Tyson Werner (Monash University)
Presentation title Is Recycling the Best Way to Secure Scarce Metals?
3rd Prize Winner Felipe Vasquez (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
Presentation title Demographics and Food-Resources Demand
4th Prize Winner Keisuke Yoshida (Nagoya University)
Presentation title Study of Anthropogenic Disturbance with Geomorphologic Change
5th Prize Winner Christoph Helbig (University of Augsburg)
Presentation title Critical Materials and Dissipative Losses
5th Prize Winner Dieuwertje Louise Schrijvers (University of Bordeaux)
Presentation title Anthropogenic Stocks as a New Element in Consequential Life Cycle Inventory
5th Prize Winner Romain Sacchi (Aalborg University)
Presentation title Rethinking of Circular Supply Chains: Lessons from Consequential LCA